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Citizen Court Monitoring
In 1975, the Fund for Modern Courts pioneered an initiative designed to give New York citizens a powerful voice in how their courts are run. This groundbreaking program, known as Citizen Court Monitoring, is straightforward: From around the state, groups of non-lawyer volunteers observe court proceedings on a regular basis.
» courtmonitoring@moderncourts.org

Citizens Jury Project
The Citizens Jury Project was created in 1995, following a recommendation made by the Jury Project, a blue-ribbon panel formed by Chief Judge Judith Kaye designed to review and reform jury service in New York State.
» cjp@moderncourts.org

Education & Outreach
The Fund for Modern Courts organizes forums and panel discussions to educate the public about new developments and ongoing concerns in New York’s courts. These public events help build an informed constituency to promote court reform. Included among Modern Courts’ public events have been programs on streamlining the court process for victims of domestic violence, the need to improve legal representation for indigent litigants, new procedures for speeding adoptions, and the movement to reform the Rockefeller Drug laws.
» justice@moderncourts.org

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